A new mobile phone holder that will be charged, with its ability to charge while navigating, plus a health car, wireless charging technology, for all mobile phones, can be equipped with a wireless charging receiver.

When the car is running, there is no power in the mobile phone. If you use the data cable to charge it, you will still have trouble. The cable will go around and go around. When you are away from the door, you have to navigate the phone. However, you can’t watch the phone while driving. It is always prone to accidents. On some roads, suddenly there is no signal, people are very upset~

However, fortunately, I have "it", all of the above conditions have been resolved.

The appearance of "it" is not only fashionable and exquisite, but also the body is very comfortable and compact, completely occupying no place; more importantly, it is very convenient to operate, can be clipped at the air outlet, can be pasted in the free position of the car, and can also be in the office, bedroom Use in other places.

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