V-mount battery is one of the common equipment in the camera industry, it can also be said that it is just needed by photographers, and the existence of V-mount batteries can be seen almost everywhere. For example, broadcast-grade cameras are big users of V-mount batteries, which is why V-mount batteries are sometimes referred to as "broadcast-grade" batteries.

The popular professional cameras in the modern camera industry also have various solutions that fit V-mount batteries, providing longer battery life. V-mount batteries are also selected for the power supply modules of various video camera kits, which solves the pain point of low camera battery life and can also supply power to peripheral equipment. The outdoor shooting monitor also has a V-mount battery configuration,

Of course, there is also a video light, and there is no problem with the V-mount battery powering the LED light. It can be said that the V-mount battery can almost meet the power supply needs of most of the daily equipment of ordinary film crews. More importantly, the staff can conduct unified management more conveniently, without having to carry multiple batteries and chargers of different models, which greatly improves the efficiency of equipment preparation.

When V-mount batteries are used to power devices one after another, users' concerns have become volume and price. Therefore, it is difficult for many people to choose cost-effective V-mount batteries.

As we all know, the Beijing-oriented V-mount battery has a certain influence on the market, and his two mini V-mount batteries are liked by many people. but! In terms of performance, our V-mount battery is even better! (just look at the picture!)

Our V-mount battery uses 21700 lithium battery. Compared with 18650 lithium battery, it is characterized by large capacity and long battery life. In addition, our V-mount battery also has DC1 and DC2 output ports, which can meet the power supply requirements of most of the daily equipment for photography and videography. Type-C PD60W's adaptive bidirectional output and input provide fast charging and power supply for mobile devices.

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