Shenzhen Chengmingyu Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the camera battery and charger industry since its establishment. With the development of manufacturing special lithium-ion batteries for professional audio, broadcasting, film and video industries, our company has also developed professional equipment for the above V-mount battery for power supply.

The new series include BP-VM74 and BP-VM148, both of which follow the current battery development trend, which is to make the battery lighter while maintaining high capacity.

BP-VM74 is a 74Wh, 14.8V 5Ah battery and weighs 680g. 12-16.8V bidirectional output and input D-TAP port, PD60W bidirectional output and input Type-C port, QC3.0 fast charge USB port, 8.0V/2A DC1 port, 12V/2A DC2 port.

BP-VM148 is 148Wh, 14.8V 10Ah battery, weighs 1360g, and its interface parameters are the same as BP-M74. Both built-in batteries are 21700 batteries, which are characterized by large capacity and long battery life. Both batteries provide battery protection to prevent overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent and overheating protection. (For details, click the picture below)