After a long period of research and development, we finally ushered in our new product—aluminum alloy multi-function Bluetooth speaker car emergency power supply.
Yes, you read that right, it is a car emergency starting power supply with aluminum alloy body + bluetooth speaker + LED lighting.

First introduce its characteristics:
1. The thick body is made of aluminum alloy material, so that it is safe and not easy to damage.
2. With Bluetooth connection function, the mobile phone can be connected to the Bluetooth speaker in the range of 1-10m. The built-in speaker is a high-fidelity speaker + bass diaphragm. The high-fidelity speaker can make the sound more broad and shocking; the bass diaphragm will release a more surging and layered sound effect; let you listen to the song as if you are in a concert.
3. LED lighting, with cold and warm colors, white light and yellow light.
4. The product is accompanied by a hand strap, which can be hand-carried directly and is convenient to carry.

The start-up power supply has a capacity of 16000mah, which can provide long battery life; the product provides dual usb port charging, and the output of each port is 5V/2A; its start-up power supply also has over-temperature protection, which is suitable for mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other electronic devices When charging, the temperature will stop when the temperature reaches 50 degrees, so as to better protect our mobile phones and other devices.

The starting power supply is also greatly improved when starting the car. It can instantly start gasoline vehicles of 3.0L and below and large trucks of 12V in seconds.